Dave’s signature sniper weapon system, the MR-30, is according to him “40+ years of evolution in a field practical precision rifle. The only rifle to ever win the triple crown of tactical shooting, including the Carlos Hathcock Shootoff. (figured your USMC fields would like to know that)”. Many of you will recognize it as the Black King Rifle used the TV show Shooter. And unlike most things featured in the entertainment world, this rifle has proven itself. – NCS

A two rifle concept for the tactical marksman is taught at D & L S.A.T.A. for one reason. It Works. The MR-30 PG is the longer range half of the concept.

The MR-30 PG rifle package was developed for the most discriminating precision marksman after years of research, testing, and development by Dave Lauck and other professionals. This rifle is not an attempt at duplicating any other rifle, it was designed from the ground up as the most rugged, repeatable, and accurate precision field rifle available anywhere.

The most popular chambering for this package is .308 Winchester. There are several reasons for this chambering: accurate factory loaded match grade ammunition, a factory loaded bonded core tactical round applicable for barrier penetration with minimal fragmentation and a similar close range trajectory to the match load, long accurate barrel life, minimal recoil, acceptable trajectory pattern for the moderate ranges commonly encountered during tactical operations in a civilian environment. .308 Winchester has long been established as a proven accuracy cartridge. Other chamberings are popular too: 6mm, 6.5mm, .300 WM, .338 Lapua, etc.

The MR-30 PG rifle system is completed on a new custom action in the caliber of choice. This custom action is used for its reliability, accuracy, and overall quality. Total weight and length of the completed rifle depends on customer request, selected options, and barrel contour. The expected use environment should be a consideration when requesting an approximate weight. The MR-30 PG will be the heavier component of the two rifle concept and generally used from a distant static position. Weight range is normally 14 – 27 pounds (Lighter and shorter units are available on special request). A stout rifle is ultra stable in the field and the MR-30 PG’s optional rugged carry handle makes the system quite portable. The full length (Operator removable) carry handle also provides excellent scope protection and an area for camo and accessory attachment.

Cost was not a major consideration in determining what components were selected to complete this package. Components were selected based solely on their ability to achieve the overall goal of the system: a superbly rugged and accurate field rifle. Cost of the finest components used in the MR-30 PG, as well as the substantial meticulous labor involved in handcrafting individual rifles, add up to an expensive rifle package. There are lower cost accuracy packages for shooters that do not require the extreme durability and precise repeatable accuracy this system delivers. Those of you who have been behind the rifle in critical situations already know there is no substitute for having the very best. Informed administrations are also aware of the liability exposure which results from fielding less than state of the art equipment.

The aluminum stocked MR-30 PG, after 30 days of continuous intense testing and evaluation in rugged conditions, maintained repeatable accuracy to the point of being able to win First Place in the International Tactical Rifleman’s Championships, the Carlos Hathcock Shootoff and the Golden Egg Shoot. The EGG Shoot consisted of dialing in a cold shot at 500 yards and making a hit on a chicken egg sized target with a single shot. Numerous other precision shoot offs have been won with this state of the art rifle, including numerous entries into the One Mile Club, which requires hitting an 11″ x 16″ target at 1800 yards. More MR-30 PG rifles than any other types combined have made entry into the OMC

Features included in the MR-30 Professional Grade rifle system:

  • Complete accurizing of a new custom rifle action in the caliber of choice.
  • A one piece bolt handle and body are used for reliable operation in the harshest of conditions.
  • The extractor and ejector are polished and fitted for reliable function.
  • The bolt body is vented. In the unlikely event of a pierced primer, high pressure gases can be vented away from the shooter.
  • Proper striker springs installed for reliable ignition.
  • New trigger group installed. The trigger group is finished for corrosion resistance. The enhanced trigger group eliminates the cross bolt clip that commonly falls off the factory group under field conditions. A fully raised bolt handle is used as a simple and rugged safety device. (Law enforcement shooters should be liability conscious about rifles with factory Remington triggers “adjusted” outside the factory, especially on tactical rifles, as it has been deemed to be a factory only adjustment. Improper trigger adjustment can cause the rifle to fire when the bolt is closed or otherwise unexpectantly, and greatly increases danger, liability for the marksman, and agency. All shooters should be aware that firearms/trigger groups have been recalled for safety and/or function issues. Buyer beware.)
  • The recoil lug is an ultra rugged steel lug, over twice the size of the common factory lug. This adds increased surface area and rigidity to the system.
  • The finest precision barrel is fitted to the squared, trued, and lapped receiver, a 416 stainless steel barrel. These barrels have been established in the accuracy community with the most benchrest wins. The chamber and throat are specifically cut, and the barrel specifically rifled (twisted) for the cartridge and bullet being fired. 18″-30″ barrels are common lengths. It has enough weight to shoot extremely well off the bipod or front rest. (Support under the rear if the stock is also recommended for best performance.) The muzzle can feature a recessed and protected precision crown or muzzle brake. Muzzle brakes are recommended for magnum cartridge barrels.
  • The 700 style light duty bolt stop is replaced with a rigid bolt stop. Under dirty field conditions, the 700 style stop can easily stick in the down position, as it is only operated by a light duty spring. This condition can cause the shooter to be unexpectedly hit in the face by the bolt during fast bolt manipulation.
  • The MR-30 PG is corrosion protected by a special finishing process following the machine work. Carbon steel parts can be finished in matte hard chrome. Over coatings are applied to add color or camo to stainless steel. Under extreme field conditions, where the outer surface may be cut through, the hard chrome or stainless steel underneath will still be in place to resist corrosion. Scope rings can be treated with the same process. Matte black scopes are recommended. (Coating scopes can dry the O-rings and is not recommended.) On a camouflage rifle, the rings can be camouflaged to break up the black scope lines and/or the scope camo taped.
  • The stock is fully adjustable for length of pull and cheek piece height. This allows for the rifle to be fitted to the individual shooter or compensate for cold/hot weather clothing. The butt features an effective recoil pad. The stock is over finished, similar to the barreled action.
  • The stock design for the MR-30 PG is truly state of the art for the professional tactical marksman.
  • It sets the standard in field durability. No wood, kevlar, or fiberglass is used. No action bedding to go bad or internal bedding blocks to come loose from a composite material. The D & L Tactical stock is a rigid aluminum system.
  • The stock design allows for substantial free float clearance between the barrel and the forearm. The troublesome internal factory magazine has been eliminated and replaced with a reliable DBM (detachable box magazine).
  • The stock features an ambidextrous pistol grip design of the same configuration as the popular 1911 auto pistol. The stock utilizes 1911 pistol stocks.
  • A log book pouch and angle indicator can also be attached to the stock.
  • An optional/recommended bipod mount can be fitted to the stock.
  • The underside of the butt stock features an elevation wheel for precisely fine tuning the elevation alignment and creating a 3rd point of ground contact for a rock steady hold.
  • Dave Lauck designed heavy duty steel attachment rings should be fitted to scope and base for superior rigidity. The scope needs to be mechanically leveled with the rifle. An ACD (Anti Cant Device) can be installed on the scope. This assists the shooter in setting up a level static rifle position on uneven terrain. This will minimize bullet placement error caused by a canted rifle.
  • The MR-30 PG rifle system can be custom fit in a top quality travel vault for the utmost in system protection during shipment. (Vault size and cost will vary with rifle dimensions). Custom heavy duty drag bags are also available.
  • An MR-30 PG maintenance kit is available. The kit consists of a one piece coated cleaning rod, bore guide, patches, brushes, jags, and accessories. Marksman’s choice is recommended as a bore cleaner.
MR-30PG “Black King” rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor
The MR-30PG rifle has been the only rifle to ever win the Triple Crown of tactical shooting, and is featured as the Black King rifle on the “Shooter” cinema series.
MR30PG accuracy at 1315 yards
Shooting prone off bipod
1315 yards with D&L MR-30PG
Shooting prone off bipod at 1200 yards – .398 MOA
Common MR-30PG accuracy performance
MR-30PG Rifle  accuracy
Common MR-30PG accuracy performance
Common MR-30PG accuracy performance
Common MR-30PG accuracy performance
MR-30PG rifle at 853 yards. .3 MOA
MR30PG target results

Bolt action rifle shooters should understand the difference between push feed bolt actions and controlled round feed bolt actions. If you are operating a controlled round feed bolt action (CRF) you should always load the chamber by cycling cartridges into the chamber from the magazine. Do not direct load a cartridge into the chamber by hand, then close the bolt over the cartridge case head. This stresses the extractor. If it is not an emergency situation, do not do it.

As a safety measure, if you are using a bolt action rifle with the fine trigger, do your movements and transports with an empty chamber. In shooting position, keep your bolt handle fully raised as a mechanical safety until you have determined the need to fire.


Dave Lauck is the owner of D&L Sports, Inc., custom builder of several of the finest weapons found anywhere in the world and is recognized as the foremost expert on the 1911 platform. He has built custom 1911s for a long list of celebrities as well as President Donald Trump and was awarded “Pistolsmith of the Year” by American Pistolsmiths Guild in 2012. His AR-15 carbines have frequently been used among top-tier competitors and his sniper weapon system, the MR-30, was featured as the Black King Rifle in the TV Series Shooter.