I’ve been continuing to do a lot of research, talking with friends and coworkers in the medical field, discussing papers and articles with my ER physicians, and taking care of patients myself over the last few months of the big COVID pandemic. We’ve all learned and unlearned, and relearned, many different things about what’s going on and how serious it is. Obviously we all (I mean you all too) have observed governments around the world doing what governments do best (actually, they’re not that great at this either), and that is exerting their power to restrict freedom of movement of healthy, law abiding people.

I wanted to share some thoughts and ideas with you all in the midst of all of this.

Some studies have come about suggesting that only about 6% of the total number of COVID cases have been successfully detected worldwide. Some others have suggested that less than 2% of total cases in the US have been detected. At face value, this seems quite alarming, but discussing with some of the physicians here, we agree that this could possibly mean two things:

  1. COVID might be more contagious than we previously thought.
  2. COVID might be less dangerous than we previously thought.

If this is the case, then these heavy-handed house arrest orders might be doing more harm than good, because we would be delaying herd immunity. Obviously, the old and frail need to stay clear of getting the virus until we can figure out how to treat it (perhaps we have, with Chloroquine and Zithromax), but the rest of us may be hurting ourselves as a whole by isolating inside our houses.

Side note on that: I saw a true statement on Gab. Restricting the movement of sick people is called a quarantine, but restricting the movement of healthy people is called house arrest.

Not everyone is locked down right now. There are pockets of dissent and resistance, and many of us are not even living in a state where the orders are being enforced. In my area, most businesses are still open in some capacity and road traffic seems only minimally reduced. We haven’t been hit hard with the virus but our ICU went from four cases last week to eleven cases as of this moment. Ten of them are on a ventilator.

I was at a meat market, a gun store (looking for some of these) and a hardware store yesterday and all of them seemed to have close to their average foot traffic. Life must go on. Based my most recent research and discussions with my docs here, I am starting to believe that these house arrest orders have little justification. When logic is applied to my own situation, the orders do not hold up.

I’ll pose the question to you: The government has botched almost everything they’ve touched. This is not an indictment of Trump, it’s an indictment of a bloated government machine. They’ve been caught lying to us at every turn, changing their orders and recommendations based on a litany of reasons, which include convenience and political expediency, rather than medical science. They’ve shown a propensity for using emergencies and disasters (as determined by their own “experts”, naturally) to consolidate their powers and authority and choke off liberties. Officials at all levels demonstrate a gross disdain for my kind, that being traditional, white, Christians, and have attacked us in various ways. They have proven that they do not have our best interests in mind.

Specifically keeping that last paragraph in mind, using logic, can anyone tell me why I should ever trust these people and do as they tell me to do in any situation?

As far as my current situation, our pantry is well stocked for now and our rain barrels are holding. The garden is growing and the freezer is packed out. I have steady work in our ER so the bills will remain paid and the savings will keeping building slowly. We are blessed to be in this situation while only a couple states away, some other Americans are living in a totally different reality. It is amazing to know that my lifestyle has changed minimally, while in New York, mass graves are being dug. I thank God to be where we are and pray daily for others. We’ve been keeping track of our possible exposures and I’ve been extra careful with preventing myself from getting sick at work. I’m confident that my family would all test negative at this time.

With all of the above said, I’m not specifically advising you to break laws or go out and try to get yourself some COVID-19. I’m just trying to stir some thought, and give my ideas that these quarantines and house arrest orders (that is what they are) might not be advisable, might not be necessary, might not be moral, might not even be legal. Don’t forget that crashing the economy can kill even more people than any virus if it goes on long enough. Think on that decide for yourself what to do about it. Just remember that their are some authorities and officials out there who will never let a good crisis go to waste…