Having a light on a home defense weapon is a must-have. Its not a matter of opinion, either. Jay Chambers from Minuteman Review has a great primer on it. Positive Identification, or PID, of your target is not only common sense but more importantly will help to keep you out of trouble when the dust settles after the shot- the inevitable wrongful death lawsuit even if you’re 100% in the right. And all of this underscores the need for training. What’s your schedule look like? -NCS

We live in a world where nothing is certain anymore. So, a life-threatening situation could occur at any moment. It doesn’t ask whether you’re prepared or unprepared – it just comes over without calling first. Just like that, you may find yourself in a very dangerous situation. And since most crimes happen at night, even if you have a gun for self-defense, it might not be that useful when it’s dark. Shooting in the dark when you cannot spot the target could end up badly for you.

But all this could change if you purchase a pistol light. Why exactly is it so important to have a pistol light? Let’s find out!

1. House Protection

Of course, a pistol light could be just perfect when it comes to home defense. If you use a carry pistol for protection, then a pistol light would only increase your safety. When a perpetrator enters your house, you may not have time to switch on the lights, or you may not want to do it out of fear of a dangerous situation. As such, having a mounted light in these situations is very useful.

2. You’d Have a Convenient Extra Carry

Your gun is not the only thing in your arsenal that could help with self-defense in a dangerous situation. In fact, many people who conceal carry have many other useful things with themselves. These include an extra mag or a knife.

So, a pistol light would be another item added to your self-defense arsenal. It can be easily mounted to your weapon, and it’s very easy to carry around. Unlike a handheld light, this one is more convenient, and it allows you to use it immediately.

3. Better Visibility

Probably the most important aspect of pistol lights is the fact that they enable you to identify targets at night. You can encounter a self-defense situation in the middle of the night, and it could occur before you get a chance to turn on the lights. Not only would it be dangerous for yourself to shoot blindly out of fear, but it would not be wise to do it since you don’t know for sure who the target is.

Luckily, with a pistol light, it will be easier to identify the target and quickly decide whether to shoot or not. If it’s one of your family members trying to surprise you, or a roommate coming home earlier, you wouldn’t want to shoot them.

In addition, it will give you better aim in the event it’s an actual intruder trying to steal from your house. While it would be difficult to aim in the dark, a mounted pistol light will make sure you can aim at the right spot. Visibility makes a difference for sure, and if you use a model such as the Streamlight TLR-3, you can get as much as 125 lumens of white light. That helps identify the target and make sure you are shooting only when it matters. Besides, the TLR-3 model is pretty small and will be easy to use on a concealed carry gun while maintaining comfort.

4. Blinding Your Attacker

If you’ve ever had someone pointing a flashlight at you as a joke, then you surely know how annoying it can be. It blinds you and you’re unable to see properly for a couple of seconds, even a few minutes. Well, wouldn’t that be a nice defense against a possible home invader? You never know if the attacker carries weapons as well, so it’s best to make sure they are unable to use them if anything. With a pistol light, you can blind your attacker and get an advance over him/her. During those few seconds when the person is disoriented, you can tell whether they are a stranger or someone from your group of friends or family.

Then, if necessary, you can shoot at the target.

5. It Adds Recoil Counterweight

Another cool thing about the pistol light is that it adds recoil counterweight. Because it’s mounted on your gun, it will be able to reduce the muzzle climb of the weapon. As a result, you will be able to make faster follow up shots. It is similar to the way counterweights are sometimes added to pistols by competitive shooters, so they can add recoil counterweight.

If you want to shoot at the threat more accurately, then it’s best to consider a pistol light.

6. Better than a Hand-Held Light

When looking for a light for your concealed carry, you have two options – a handheld light and a mounted one. Well, the thing with the handheld one is that, obviously, you have to be the one holding it – you cannot mount it on your weapon. But it’s more difficult than you think, because you will have to use one hand for the light, and the other for the weapon. As such, you will only be able to make a one-handed shot. Just try out shooting with a handheld light at one point, and you’ll see just how challenging it can be.

Conversely, a mounted light is a much better option because it will not require you to hold it. It will stay on your handgun and will allow you to make two-handed shots. In addition, it will add more accuracy and speed when you try to shoot.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, owning a pistol light could help you with self-defense and make it easier for you to deal with a possible attacker. Aside from allowing you to see them properly and aim better, it can also be used to blind the attacker before you make a move. At the same time, it lets you see if the person is actually an attacker or someone close to you. So, make sure you have a pistol light in your arsenal.

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