I did a review some time back on the X-Tech Tactical AK mag– it was one of the best in the world then, and I’ve picked up a couple dozen since then and all of them have worked flawlessly. -NCS

X-Tech Tactical is a firearms accessory and tactical gear company based out of Mesa, Arizona that has been in business since 2013. They offer a wide variety of gear, mags and accessories for pistols, AR’s and AK’s.

They were good enough to allow me to review some of their gear including their version of the AK Mag, the MAG47

As a serious “end user” and student of the Kalash, finding good, solid, reliable AMERICAN MADE AK mags has always been a challenge. Like most AK users, I have typically always depended on the imported Romy or Bulgy steel mags or the venerable (yet expensive and rare) Bulgy Circle 10’s.

I have always said that with the tightening of import restrictions and bans, the survival of the AK platform will depend on the ability for American companies to begin producing QUALITY AK parts and accessories right here in CONUS.

Well, X-Tech Tactical has rose to that challenge with the MAG47.

According to the description on the website:

The MAG47 is the strongest polymer AK47 magazine to ever be made in the USA. A stainless steel cage reinforces the locking lugs and the feed lips where strength is mission critical. This magazine holds 30 rounds of 7.62 x 39 ammunition and feeds it flawlessly. The testing has been very extensive firing 20,000 plus rounds. The MAG47 has proven to be extremely reliable. We also worked extensively with manufacturers to make certain this magazine fit into every rifle we could get our hands on. The MAG47 lives up to the renowned reliability of the AK47 platform.

My testing of the mag went off without a hitch.

The mag locked up nice in both rifles with no play. Feeding was smooth with no failures of any kind.

I ran 60 rounds  in both my Yugo M70AB2 and my Zastava M92.

I will not hesitate to keep this mag locked and loaded in my “Working” AK.

   Yugo M70AB2

    Zastava M92


  •  I really liked the floorplate design; it is not rounded like some polymer mags, but squared off like a standard steel mag. This may seem like a inconsequential detail, but when you are in the field changing mags, it makes it much easier to grab with gloved hands.
  • Quick release button in the middle of the base plate is a nice touch in the event you have to dis-assemble.
  • The locking lugs and feed lips are made of STEEL, not plastic (like other Polymer mags we will not name) What this means in the long run is you will not have shredded feed lips after multiple mag changes which will eventually cause a malfunction.

   Squared Base Plate

STEEL Locking Lug

    STEEL Feed Lips


The “Other” Polymer Mag with Plastic Locking Lug

The “Other” Polymer Mag with Plastic Feed Lips

Jeremy at X-Tech was also nice enough to send me their Gun-Handler/Ammo Can Combo which consist of the Flambeau Ammo Can and the very cool Gun-Handler which doubles as both a firearm rest and a weighted rifle display stand. You combine the ammo can and the gun handler and you got yourself a handy dandy rifle rest! No more hauling around the heavy Sandbags to the range! Also, using the Gun-Handler as a stand sure is handy when you are cleaning guns in the house!

I want to thank X-Tech Tactical for allowing me to review their excellent mags and gear!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

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