We should all endeavor to be the best allies we can be in the fight against systematic racism and the oppression of all peoples of the globe by the singular evil that is the white male. There is no excess too great, no punishment too horrible and no death too slow to atone for the original sin of being born such a monster. To stand silently by in the face of such evil is not only immoral, but also unconscionable and the minorities of the world (who comprise 95-96% of the global population) will not be safe until they are gone. Now that I have your attention, memorize this and repeat it whenever you think you have enough ammo.

-Goon Squad Proverb


The living standards, social norms and relative peace of pre-2020 are no longer applicable. A paradigm shift has occured, and like in any sport or arms race, those who fail to keep up and adjust to the new reality get to play the Maginot Line circa 1939. Not that most of the idiot conservatives and libertarians running around quoting Reason magazine and Glenn Beck are not going to get it, but I do this for suburbia and the middle class, the great sleeping giant in all internecine domestic conflicts.  The blue collar deplorable people understand, they either work around crazies or were fortunate enough to get kicked in the teeth from 2008-2016 and circumstances forced them to understand some uncomfortable truths…like a good 20-30% of the country outright wants to kill you or take everything from you. The main reason I support defunding every police department in every state, reparations, parading whites in chains through the city streets and generally the erasure of every historical figure in European and American history is to make that sleeping giant intolerably uncomfortable. Suburbia needs to experience a fear like the residents of Atlanta felt when Sherman arrived. Reason has not worked, logic and facts did little to turn people away from the sportsball and that new Harley. If warning a child not to touch the stove doesn’t work, then perhaps a more dramatic step is in order. As the adults in the room, I wonder if it is not past time to allow them touch the stove. Not simply graze it, but really grab it with both hands, hang on for dear life and let these confluence of events sear there way into the opiate-addled, career obsessed HOA-ville. Lest you think I am being boorish and unnecessarily cruel, ask yourself what the June 2019 version of yourself would have said had you been read the headlines from the last month?


Just to be crystal clear, ‘systematic racism’ is about finding the fictional guy in a white hood at every police department and business in America. Systematic racism is YOU. It’s precisely why I’ve harped on reading the enemy and understanding their paradigm and vocabulary. Conflict theory and in particular critical race theory are necessary to understanding 2020. The reason police departments are being dismantled is not because of a couple GED candidates with a badge doing dumb things, which admittedly are a significant problem across the population at large as well as law enforcement. It’s happening because 1) law enforcement is overwhelmingly white, 2) our entire justice system and jurisprudential philosophy is overwhelmingly white, English and Christian, and 3) it enforces moral and legal standards that are overwhelmingly a byproduct of Western Civilization. All of those things are systematically racist, because of who created them. Within the paradigm of critical race theory and social liberation theology, white privilege is original sin and as such taints all ideas and actions stemming from that person. Not to be crass and inflammatory, but in layman’s terms it is quite literally the concept that white people are so evil that we cannot be allowed to contribute to the national discussion due to historical injustices and misdeeds. The law, social norms and out entire governmental structure are fruit of the poisonous tree, the sin of whiteness being the poisonous tree. Therefore, our only utility is to provide financial atonement for our existence and the sins of our fathers. Ladies and gentlemen, that is what is being discussed on a national level and acted on. Not some feel-good things about inclusion or diversity, but whether an ethnic group should be allowed to have agency at all. The stove is sounding less and less macabre, no?

Rather than allowing this series of managed social spasms into decline, a viable alternative is to simply force the revolutionaries to rule. Critique is easy, just ask anyone who leaves a comment anywhere on the Internet. Staking out and defending a position and worse yet, actually implementing it, is orders of magnitude more difficult. CHAZghanistan is a prime example. Self-rule even amongst the most closely-tied ideologues is a difficult proposition when you have quite literally no one with any experience in managing more than a fry basket or weaving hair shirts. So I am determined to support this insanity until the rest of the country doing its damndest to ignore and embrace this domestic insurgency are paying attention. Life gets a lot more in focus when you are watching your local stores boarded up and you are peeking out the blinds at people screaming how much they hate you. Where are all those golfing buddies now? Are they going to risk life and limb to protect your wife and daughter’s virtue? Would they even raise a hand in violence if you asked them?

With that in mind, the prime focus of this should be the ensconced enclaves of wealth dotted around this country that have thus far been able to insulate themselves against it. Who can say no to ‘A Day Without Racism’ once a month at the community pool, complete with a request that minorities be given their own space to exist without the toxic presence of you? Other fun ideas are proposing employers do all manner of shakeups to the corporate hierarchy and demand appropriate levels of diversity in all of the most crucial positions. Support the renaming of every street that isn’t connected to the people’s struggle. HOA’s are very receptive right now to banning flags of all kinds, especially when they are reminded of the racist overtones in Old Glory…bumper stickers as well, in your own neighborhood and at work. The possibilities are endless and all with the goal in mind to get people so incensed, inconvenienced and angry at the charade that the alternative is less painful. The left is already using these events to pour gasoline on the fire, with the expectation that the right will keep things under control enough to make sure their gated community isn’t affected. The answer to that is backing the fuel truck up and walk away. Otherwise we simply react, lose and then react again.

 I don’t want the future of America growing up in an environment like this. The choice we have presented is either keep getting kicked in the teeth or giving them so much of what they want it sparks a dramatic overreaction on their part. Frankly, I’m tired of losing. The left lost one of theirs and destroyed parts of every major city in America. If all we can do is get together at a state capital and pick up trash then maybe we deserve the orange jumpsuits and fun train rides in the future. Imagine the terror that would ensue if the voting bloc on the right began demanding a Biden/Abrams ticket and managed to get a large supermajority in Congress, of the most radical people on the left imaginable. It’s time people got very, very uncomfortable and were forced to actually live by what they preach. Finally, as a silver lining to all of this we can try the anarchy that the “right” loves to go on about and learn the hard way that Neegan is a necessary feature and not a bug. I hope most of you acted accordingly.  C’est la vie, c’est la vie friendo.

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