Along with American Partisan’s Jesse James and Patriotman, I attended NC Scouts Combat Carbine – Night & Day class this past weekend. Here is my AAR.


This AAR (After Action Review) is to briefly outline my attendance at NC Scout’s Combat Carbine – Night & Day class.


Facilitator NC Scout and ten students. The student’s skill range was former military to novice, like me.


July 11 -12, 2020. Classes started at 0900 hrs. both days. Saturday the class stopped at 1630 hrs. and resumed at 2000 hrs. for the nighttime portion of the class. Sunday the class ended at 1430 hrs. followed by a 30-minute AAR starting 1515 hrs.


Brushbeater’s North Carolina training grounds

Day 1

Morning – Daytime

  • Zero in firearms
  • Basic carbine skills

Afternoon – Daytime

  • Weapon malfunction recovery
  • Mag changes
  • Moving and firing
  • Moving and firing in buddy teams

Evening – Dust to Dark

  • Night firing
  • Using a rifle mounted light
  • Night vision firing in conjunction with IR sight and NOG’s

Day 2

  • Review of day 1 daytime drills
  • Moving & shooting in buddy teams through differing scenarios
  • AAR

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in no order:

  • The weather was great. Temperatures were in the high 80’s – low 90’s and for North Carolina, low humidity.
  • I have taken one other Combat Carbine class not with NC Scout facilitating. I feel 100% confident in being a ‘trigger puller’ if I practice the skills I learned with my buddy.
  • As is NC Scout’s MO, (modus operandi) the class blocks during the three-day class were well thought out and progressively brought the student along, building on the previous block, to the end game…Killing bad guys with no injury to moi.
  • I stayed at NC Scout’s redoubt, specifically in an air-conditioned house. Most of the students camped out on the grounds while a few stayed at a local moderately priced motel.
  • Great discussions with likeminded folks between blocks, over lunch, and dinner. A lot of information is shared during this time.
  • Some of the students had not taken any classes from NC Scout in the past however those students melded quickly with the students who had.
  • Note to Self – Bring a camp chair. I always do this however I forgot this time.
  • Many folks brought multiple carbines and battle rattle to try out and adjust. NC Scout encourages this and often jumped in to help tweak both.
  • Think Blue Lotite and tying ‘can’t loose’ items to yourself. Do not ask me how I know this.
  • The Combat Carbine class was conducted in a 360-degree range on land that does not mimic your typical manicured square range. These were real world conditions.
  • I used right around 500-rounds. If you like classes where you just blast away, this is not the class for you. NC Scout understands the difficulty of replacing used ammo. I heard a few students make positive comments on this.
  • As I have reported in previous AAR’s on NC Scout’s classes, NC Scout and the specialists who supported him, are soft spoken folks who are dedicated to the student getting as much from the class as possible. If you like the ‘DI’ (Drill Instructor) type of facilitator, you will not like NC Scout’s style.
  • I think we can all agree that the coming years months will be treacherous in this country and around the globe. If you have put away your family’s 3-B’s great! Now you need to get some training! To not do so means you and your family will not survive long enough to use those preps you have in your cellar.
  • Last as I have written before, we will all serve the cause whether we are a trigger puller or part of the auxiliary, providing intel analysis, logistics and other support.

73 & God Bless,

Freedom Through Self-Reliance ®