At the last Fighting Carbine class taught by NC Scout (an excellent AAR can be found here), I had brought down an EG-18X Smoke Grenade to test out. Unbeknownst to me, however, my fellow AP Editor Jesse James brought down a bunch of EG-25 Smoke Grenades as well. This allowed us to get a side by side comparison of the two grenades. So while Jesse and I threw our grenades, NC Scout took these photographs and JohnyMac took the videos you can see below.

Enola Gaye is a UK based company that produces various types of commercial smoke grenades. Some of their designs are not sold in America, and others seem to only be sold to pyrotechnic companies. The ones available in the United States directly from their website are the EG-18, EG-18X, and EG-25.

For this test, we chose blue smoke because, while Jesse had several colors to choose from, blue was all I had.

Initial bloom of the EG-25

Bloom of the EG-18X

My hope was that, although smaller, the EG-25 would do well enough to warrant its purchase for Break Contact scenarios. As you can see below, the EG-18X was far superior in that regard, though it obviously depends on wind direction. The EG-25 would be more useful as a way to signal another team or a recovery unit. Having a couple of these grenades with any measurable level of wind would provide a decent shield against an adversary. See below, with the EG-25 on the left and the EG-18X on the right. Since we were talking throughout the video, a generic soundtrack was added to cover the voices for PERSEC reasons.

We also tested a “black” EG-25 smoke grenade, which is really just a gray cloud.

The only real drawback to the EG-18X was that the cap fit loose on the grenade and, when the grenade was flipped over, some blue powder would fall out on the ground or get onto your hands. I have some reservations about that – particularly in adverse weather conditions. Despite that, it is a great tool to have at only $17 a pop. The EG-25 is sold in packs of ten and retails at $60. Remember, if someone initiates contact at you, you are very much advised to break contact. This EG-18X is a great way to do so and is lightweight. They also have a molle pouch to hold the grenade on your belt or your kit.

We hope to have a few other products from Enola Gaye to test in the near future, so please keep an eye out for those.