And I shot the 2020 Gunsite ‘combat pistol match’.

Used my old 1911 in 45 ACP, and even tho mag capacity was a handicap, I was able to make up for it with good trigger and excellent shot delivery. Only a couple misses in the entire match, and they were made up quick. Zero hostage hits. Shot 100% on the turning / moving target stage. The low leverage grip allows for quick follow up / recoil control and the new 45 bullet load works great.

I was able to post an overall first place score, 6.64 seconds ahead of second place, which is a wide margin by speed shooting standards.

Other top 3 shooters included a firearms industry sponsored shooter and a former 3 gun world champ and Cooper Cup champ. They used high cap autos.

Now for the bad news. We shot the el prez drill. Turn, draw and shoot, just like Jeff had us do many times. I did well and had no misses. Then I got tagged with a 20 sec penalty, which dropped me to second place in the overall. The RO said I touched my pistol while I was turning to engage target (same way we have shot the el prez for 40 years).

Apparently some modern shooters cause safety violations on the draw, so now in 2020 you are supposed to turn with hands still in full surrender position until all the way turned, then reach for pistol. Seems odd if bad guys are approaching, but that is the way it was called.

Good shooting !


Dave Lauck is the owner of D&L Sports, Inc., custom builder of several of the finest weapons found anywhere in the world and is recognized as the foremost expert on the 1911 platform. He has built custom 1911s for a long list of celebrities as well as President Donald Trump and was awarded “Pistolsmith of the Year” by American Pistolsmiths Guild in 2012. His AR-15 carbines have frequently been used among top-tier competitors and his sniper weapon system, the MR-30, was featured as the Black King Rifle in the TV Series Shooter.