I spoke this week with a few of my ER physicians, nurses and a couple of the lab techs about the cultural, political and scientific environment going on in the West surrounding the COVID virus “pandemic”. They often approach me and ask me my thoughts on this or that, not necessarily because I possess such wisdom that I have medical doctors going on pilgrimages up a mountain to seek it, but I think more because they enjoy telling someone that they simply don’t feel right about the situation or trust the “authorities, and I willingly listen and engage. I get the feeling that for many of them, their opportunities to voice their concerns to educated people in the medical field in a face-to-face manner and do so without risking their licenses and livelihoods are few and far between. It took us only about nine months to go from “Please wash your hands and cover your cough” to “You have to get this vaccine or else you risk your job.”

As far as what I think of the vaccine, I agree with what a few of them have said. Basically, the thoughts I’m hearing are that they don’t trust that it’s been through the proper scientific gauntlet. Hasn’t been tested. They don’t trust how quickly it was developed, manufactured and dispersed to the population. Couple that with the fact that the people who are pushing it the hardest are the same people who have proven to me over and over again that I can not trust them with my well-being or that of my family. The list of “Covidians” and the list of people who want me dead have a lot of overlap. Therefore, when my company asked me in a questionnaire if I would be willing to take the shot, I told them that I was not willing to. They later sent out an email saying that the vaccine is available for staff, and is “highly” recommended”, but not mandatory.

Well, yes. I know it’s not “mandatory”. That is just word, and they will see how flexible that word becomes if they come at me with that vaccine. My thoughts were seconded by the ER doc I was sitting next to when I said it.

Covid has been used to facilitate the theft of an election and a coup. It was used to justify mail-in ballots, which are the easiest guaranteed way to rig an election. Real pandemics don’t allow people time and opportunity to stage a coup. Real pandemics don’t make all of the elites richer. Real pandemics don’t pick and choose between races and religions. A real pandemic wouldn’t side with big box mega-corps over small businesses. A real pandemic won’t differentiate between a peaceful, right-wing protest and a violent, communist riot. In a real pandemic, we wouldn’t catch the rich and powerful breaking all of the rules, because they would be afraid to do so. If this was a real pandemic, you wouldn’t be able to go to Walmart. You wouldn’t want to go to Walmart, because you wouldn’t want to get sick and later end up in one of the burning piles of bodies you pass on the way.

They have convinced millions of people that just seeing family for the Christmas season, going to church and daring to show your face in public is selfish and dangerous.

I believe this is all social engineering on a massive scale. Eventually the vaccine will be essentially mandatory. Perhaps they won’t be able to physically force a needle into your arm, but they can be very persuasive about getting you to accept it “willingly”. See the title photo above. That is not a joke meme.

In the meantime, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) owns the US in almost every way. Covid has assisted the CCP marvelously. They already had a grip on American academia, where professors and scientists all over the nation have been paid to conduct research on behalf of the CCP, and send the data to them. Chinese intellectual theft is why no one in America should give a damn about the debt we supposedly “owe” China. They have stolen ten times more than whatever we have borrowed, and now they’ve done irreparable damage to the American economy and the election system.

The CCP owns controlling shares in many movie studios in Hollywood, which now pumps out non-stop anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-Americana propaganda. Hardcore degeneracy, feminism, communist and socialist ideology and pedophilia is the name of the game. Whatever it takes to ruin the soul of a once great people.

They also own business and industry. Manufacturing. Obviously we all know that it has become increasingly difficult and expensive to buy American-made goods. Not impossible, but difficult.

What’s left? Politics? With the recent reports of Eric Swalwell falling hard for a Chinese honeypot and her connection to the Chinese spy that was close to Diane Feinstein years ago, and the fact that China owns Joe Biden and his entire family, it’s looking like the swamp is actually a bamboo forest. Maybe that’s why it was so hard to drain. Everyone was searching around every corner for Russian agents and white supremacists, and they missed the CCP spies sitting in their offices. Covid, which originated in China, is what gave the left the easy opportunity to rig the election with mail-in ballots. They did such a sloppy job that it’s obvious that Trump’s lead was insurmountable with just “normal” vote rigging.

Our side must stop playing by the rules. The rules are in place to ensure that we lose to the people who refuse to follow them. You can’t show your face in public, but they can. Your vote didn’t count, but their vote did. Your business is closed, but their business is getting rich. You can’t travel, but they still can. You can’t go to church, but they can go to a riot.

We now live in a post-truth, low-trust society, and all the goodies that come with that are scheduled for delivery starting sometime in the next four weeks.

Hope you’re ready. This isn’t your country anymore, it’s enemy territory. The United States of China. A Covidiocracy. You are an insurgent, and you know what they’ve been doing to “insurgents” overseas for nearly 20 years now. Matt Bracken says “Bosnia times Rwanda”. I say “Yugoslavia times Weimar Germany”. It still results in the same exact answer.

Stay out of Sarajevo. It’s about to go down.