Contents fits into a Combat Trauma Bag

Halfwave Square Loop antenna

Horizontal dipole

18 gauge wire


Harris Center Feed

Sloping V antenna

Plastic Spoon insulators

14 gauge cooper braided wire 100ft spools x2

Miscellaneous Adapters (Copious amounts)

RG-223/u cable, ~20ft

Small cables for testing

BNC connectors


Habor Freight multi-bit ratcheting screw driver set

Harbor Freight precision multi-bit driver tool set

Multimeter (w audio tone & amperage meter)

Borescope (w USB/microUsb/USBC connecter)


Electrical tape

Solder Iron

Solder iron tips

BNC Cable crimps

Mini crescent wrench

Wire Strippers

Tape measure

N-type connector crimp

Gerber multi-tool


Note book

Extra pens/markers

2 ft. webbing


…and don’t forget the training.

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