Sharing the USMC EP EMCON SOP in case you don’t have it yet. There’s a lot of info that might not be relevant, but there are some great nuggets in here. I am still digesting, but I found some concepts aligned with the recent Mission Planning article series on AP. A few of my takeaways are below:

-The theme of restricting comms was hammered home in the RTO courses, this concept is reiterated here along with the adage “well trained teams need less comms”
-Use EMCON levels for group/team activities and SOPs.
-Execution checklist (pg 1-8) got my brain wheels turning and can serve as a template to be modified for various activities as appropriate
-Utilize group brevity codes and call signs by themes, example: mobile assets use girl names, foot patrols using football team names
-Restrict power for different AO sectors
-Increase training on non electronic signals to enhance “well trained teams need less comms”
-Collect ALL Personal Electronic Devices, restrict device usage/access and monitor your teams’ signature.


My response: Those points are all salient, and the Marine Corps, as usual, is at least attempting to recognize the threat of EW on the modern battlefield. Today’s prospective neo-reactionary guerilla is finding himself at both a major disadvantage due to willful ignorance or idiocy, but then at a major advantage due to the wide range of open source technology available when trained properly in its use and implementation. But that’s the catch.

They have to be trained. -NCS


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