Originally posted over at Badlands Fieldcraft. Got a stainless steel field cookset? Here’s my loyal Stanley set and the only one I’ve carried for over a decade now. -NCS

I came across this article while researching why I have a stainless water bottle starting to rust. I’m a big fan of stainless bottles and thought others might be interested in this. This particular bottle was one that I was “given” at the Pathfinder school during a class. My bottle was mistakenly taken during an exercise and this one left in it’s place. I don’t think it was intentional, a dozen blackened bottles in a fire all look the same for the most part.

From the information in this article and on the interwebs, I think it may have been over heated as indicated by the blue discoloration streaks it has and that is what damaged it and caused it to start rusting. Another possibility is the previous owner may have used a scratch pad to clean it. I’m not sure if this is something fixable or not. I am going to try to gently clean it and neutralize the rust with baking soda as recommended in the article, then we’ll see what happens.


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