This is a modified repost from our great friend and stalwart Patriot, Jack Lawson. He is the author of the Civil Defense Manual. We recently posted a three part series of his about water that comes straight from his book. you can find those here, here, and here. He also recently did an interview on the David Knight Show, which you can view here. I personally have his book and I cannot say enough about it. Grab your copy here – – or read Matt Bracken’s review first here. You can also find Jack’s blog at:

The Phony War was an eight-month period at the start of World War II, during which there was only one limited military land operation even though all-out war had been declared by Britain and France in September against Nazi Germany for invading Poland. The real fighting started May of the next year.
A new Phony War is in progress. All seems quiet and normal to some degree as the Leftists quietly prepare their onslaught against America and anyone who believes in Individual Liberties, the rights of the Constitution, Christianity and whatever else doesn’t agree with them. They’re telling you what they intend to do. Watch some alternative news sources… not Mainstream News that omits this.
When the Leftists begin to put their agenda into effect… your world will change like you’ve never seen it change. They will use the full force of the Federal Government in conjunction with crisis after crisis and this will have unimaginable consequences.
The ‘modernized’ version of Communism
Oh, Marxists!? Sounds like an extreme or harsh description of ‘protesters,’ you say? That’s the real name and ideology that the rioters, agitators, arsonists and foot soldiers of ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter and Communists… also Leftists and socialists hide behind. Make no mistake about that.
If you’re white, black, Oriental, Hispanic, believe in the Constitution, Individual Rights, firearms ownership rights or are Christian and you get in their path… you’ll probably get a good ‘hiding’ as the English say… or worse. White person and Christian equals ‘target’ to them.
Their ideology of ‘hope and change’ is going to come with a massive push… along with shortages of just about everything, disruption of the internet and infrastructure, maybe another epidemic or pandemic or two… and your guess is a good as mine of what other mind-boggling issues will appear at the same time.

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Shortages. When it gets to food and water it’s a problem. Don’t expect your friendly government agencies to just dole it out food and water… they’ll have conditions… and when they get food and water to you will be another thing.
Delivery systems are creaking… inquire at any store. Internet hacking disrupting gasoline deliveries, beef packing… and certainly can impact water delivery and sewage discharge. Do you know whether your sewage system is pump assisted… or gravity flow?
Areas of store shelves sit empty… have been for weeks. This has been going on for months now… but has not been a big issue. It won’t be until it gets to food or water. You’ll last only days without water… a month or less on the outside without food.
Read this…
And Read this…
Use our free stored food and water calculator to understand how much food and water you really have… for how long… and for how many people.

Get some training
In addition, get some training. If you live in a rural area, you’re not safe. I had faith that the rural areas of America would be immune from the Marxist lunatics demanding change and their violence…
No longer.
Ever since I did an interview on The David Knight Show and he informed me that Texas farmers and ranchers have had farm equipment destroyed from arson by these people, because of Patriotic and political association displays.
Enter Redneck Revolt and ANTIFA. These people live in rural areas also. They are violent. Some have become combat hardened fighting in Syria and other wars… and they’ve brought this knowledge back home with them.
By NC Scout
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All of my posts come from my own experience. I’ve learned a lot of lessons, mainly the hard way through my own mistakes and the those of others around me. In addition, everything I post revolves around the Small Unit. The Small Unit approach is one that benefits a Survival or Prepper group much better than simply assuming an Infantry role. Prepping and Survivalism is in itself a tactic, with many hands making lighter work.
My sole aim is to provide a solid baseline for the reader while providing helpful hints and tips at making Liberty-oriented groups that much better. Hopefully it resonates, and thank you for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected] Great communications instructor also.
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