You might think with all the ransomware attacks going on I might care to write about that. Nope, don’t care. What I care about is “Just In Time” (JIT) supply chains.  It was what we were taught to do in biz school, optimize the supply chain by removing waste. And even if you saw folly in it, you had to do it or you’d lose to the competition.
The idea is nothing fancy, you don’t want inventory sitting around. The implementation gets complex though. Here’s a bit of pre-Amazon business lore. Wal-Mart was the original cutting edge JIT shop when came up with novel ideas like cross-docking. When freight loads show up at a warehouse from a supplier, you had a truck unload freight into the warehouse, then leave. Then another truck pulls up later and some portion gets loaded back up to go to a store. But what if you just unloaded from one truck right onto the next truck? No more inventory sitting in a warehouse costing money. Put that inventory to work faster, just in time!
Decades later, we have a fully optimized JIT supply chain. No more inventory sitting around collecting dust in a warehouse. But what if your IT systems get scrambled because you ignore the risk of ransomware? Or what if a freak storm wedges a megaship sideways in the Suez Canal? Let your imagination run wild, bottom line is that it happens. And my guess is that it will happen more frequently as things progress. I tried to get some golf cart batteries the other day and the battery shop dude laughed in my face. He said he stopped calling his supplier to ask when they’d arrive because there’s no point to it. Yesterday’s solutions are today’s problems.
Now we’re seeing some buzz around “Just In Case” supply chains. Sounds like prepper talk, yet it’s being written about by the high and mighty lords of business. So this is a good sign for preppers, you’re ahead of the game. The best business minds in the world are just starting to catch up, but it will take them a long time to implement (if they even dare).
Final thought, don’t run out and buy a bunch of meat this week ( Panic buying is a dick move. Hopefully you’re ahead of the game… and you’re on the right track. If not, eat ramen and practice tactical patience. Then buy when the logjam clears.