The outright weakness is disgusting.
Contemptable to witness.

And so, so sad. I HATE to see bad things happen to good people, again and again and again. 
Watch the endless videos of the “nice” people, the “good” people, getting hammered. Stabbed. Beaten to a pulp.
The middle class as a group is pathetic. No physique, no fighting spirit, no skill.  All gut, all slouch, all snark, and no punch.
This father gets cold-cocked. That boy gets knifed, and that girl too. The waiting mother gets pushed onto a train track.
The whiny manager grovels and cringes while getting beaten on the floor of a department store.
It looks like ‘minding my own business,’  “sorry, excuse me,’ and just living your own life are just not sufficient protection.
Predators gonna predate; thugs gonna thug, Marxist mobs gonna do Marxist things, protected class gonna act out the worst sides of human nature; that’s one reason they are protected.
It’s ALL wrong on every level for those living the proper living, respectful  middle class life. These are the people NOT ONE SINGLE GROUP respects. Middle class men and women are prey, pure and simple. In the street, store, or shopping mall those not taken off-guard simply radiate the body language and presence of surrender. And if assaulted  some  ‘responses’  are so enabling these people essentially participate in making their own destruction all the more efficient.
And while giving sincere credit to those who do fight back, the lack of physical presence, skill and reciprocal savagery resembles Roman prisoners fed to gladiators as warm up entertainment. The worm has no chance against the snake. Nor does the big guy who while a monster ‘back in the day’ forgets his stomach is now bigger than his chest; we’ve seen some of these guys fight well, we’ve seen them go down on video too.
We’ve all seen it, the young thug element raised on street violence who is fit, mean, and sadistic. The fat but savage men and women who while not ‘in shape’ can still go berserk, stomp and pound whomever sets them off. The leftist hyena packs who surround, humiliate and  assault.
Survival. No, let’s up the game so  how about actual victory? It starts with the will to go primal, and better if that will is supported by fitness and refined by skill.
There is just no way the nice, proper, middle-class boy, girl, man, or woman is going to automatically match the violence of those who have grown up in it, or have chosen to cross the line and embrace ‘doing onto others.’  But we – all of us – must compensate.
The bottom line is: go ahead and avoid your fitness, and you must embrace your weak, crappy, non-vital life and die early. And increase your chances of getting a beat down or watching your family member get theirs.
The skill part takes years, so compensate. Learn a weapon which still takes time, and get good with your firearm. But train with that firearm in scenarios, under stress, with curve balls thrown in. And, when tired, in a bad mood, distracted and any other frame of mind.
But most of all develop the ‘GO!” switch. As all too many videos show again and again, he who hesitates is in the hospital or dead.
The Nice Boys and Girls do have a damned good fighting chance, and while theirs is not the Way of the Professional Warrior, we don’t need to be. We just need to learn from them in heart, mind, and skill and take on board what they pass on.
Search this site for information on fitness and weapon skill; there is lots.
“That Me and My Family Might Live, And That I Survive To Help Yours Too.”