Way back when, in the early days of American Partisan, I wrote an in-depth review of Primary Arms’ 1-8×24 Low Power Variable Optic (LPVO), stating how it had compared favorably with its contemporaries. Its only one in an increasingly crowded market which is full of great options. Most important though, is just how big a game changer the LPVO really is and why you might wanna consider running one as your go-to.

I mentioned in several episodes of Radio Contra that the biggest strengths of the AR platform is its accuracy potential and ease of mounting optics. And when you couple those two, it becomes a natural option for prospective guerrillas. After all, hits matter. Everything else is noise. And the further you can make those hits, the better. Not only that, PID matters too- that is, Positive IDentification. You have to be able to identify the target before you’re able to engage.

400m steel at the farm.

As I train students to do in the Scout Course, 400m, which is an intimidating distance for many, becomes pretty easy with the right instruction, the right tools, and finding those holdovers. Having a dedicated optic that at least gives the shooter an idea where those holdovers are makes a man dangerous in a short order. Primary Arms’ excellent ACSS makes it easy, as does Burris with their MTAC and of course, Vortex’s excellent Strike Eagle and Viper lines. You can’t go wrong with any of these as long as you’re also selecting a quality mount. That point, regarding the mount, is critical. Your rifle is going to get banged up during movement in dynamic environments and no matter how solid your glass might be, the mount is either gonna make or break your system. Don’t cheap out.

It sure sounds like I’m trashing on red dots hard. Do they still have a place?

Yes they do, very much so.

PSA GF3 with Ultimak and Holosun 403, one of my go-to AK carbines.

Much of your equipment selection owes to the intended mission. You have to define exactly what that is. Red dots are geared towards speed for CQB-to-intermediate range targets, streamlining the aiming process by giving a consistent point of aim. Knowing your holdovers to 300m (or beyond, should your eyes be good enough and you’ve done the prerequisite range work) you’re certainly not undergunned. My go-to AKs are outfitted with Holosun MRDs and they function extremely well even at night.

But the fact remains, if you’re running the AR as a primary weapon as most out there do, the principle advantages are ease of mounting optics and accuracy potential even out of entry-level rifles. From what I’ve seen out a of large number of students, both those running LPVOs and those who’ve borrowed mine in class end up performing extremely well. The proof, so its said, is in the pudding. Hits matter and we’re not training for the sake of poking holes.

Interested in training? I’ve got a Fighting Carbine course coming up as well as a large number of training opportunities. Come on out.

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