Stan sent this in to me yesterday afternoon. As a personal testament, he is both a student of mine and a personal friend and he absolutely would not be asking for help without good reason. He’s an early casualty of this culture war, of which there’s going to be many more. Its been said that all we have is one another, and while that’s debatable in my view, one way to show it through support of those actually out in the trenches. -NCS

By Stan Szymanski

For 15 years, Encouraging Angels (EA) has delivered music services to the disabled in an institutional setting so that we bring in ‘public’ money to satisfy the requirements of bringing in at least 33% of our total revenue in public money in order to be eligible for funding from a grant from a local foundation. With the money from the grant that we have successfully written since 2006 we have used those funds to reach out into the disabled community where 95% of the disabled live. Our weekly ‘Alive At 5’ broadcast (video podcast) is one such example. In December 2020, I started writing/posting to the Encouraging Angels blog to reach a wider audience. In just seven months we have garnered over 85,000 page views to date. This week, after 15 years of successful service, the institutional contract of Encouraging Angels was abruptly terminated. Not for not fulfilling the terms of a contract. Not because I did something wrong. Not because they didn’t like the music I (EA) provided. The contract was terminated for one reason: Because I refused to take the ‘vaccine’ for Covid-19 and refused to submit to regular PCR tests at their whim.

So for approximately 14 years I did in person delivery of music services. Then came Covid-19. ‘Laid off’ March 2020, back to in person music services July to November 2020. Laid off November 2020 to February 2021 where we pioneered the delivery of remote music services (which costs were born exclusively by EA) so I could provide delivery of high quality music services and not be on campus. They wanted me to come back on campus August 1, 2021, but only if I either took the jab or submitted to regular PCR testing which I declined. They then terminated the Encouraging Angels contract.

For EA, this is a big deal. If we don’t bring in enough public money we aren’t eligible for grant money. And I hardly have to say, if you don’t bring money in, you don’t eat. EA’s annual revenue is typically under $50,000 per annum and that is to fund our activity, equipment and office related expenses and for me to make a modest living. The lawyer on my board has recommended that I find another stream of income for EA. Is there any other legal action? The jury is out on that.

What is more important? My work or my life, health and freedom? For me it certainty the latter. If I am alive and healthy and free I can find another institution to hopefully deliver music services there-we’ll see as they have to follow the same health guidelines as the institution mentioned above. Perhaps I can start music services delivery to disabled veterans. The VA’s, I imagine are most likely mandating jabs/testing for employees/contractors. If I can’t find an institution perhaps I can create an online business model to benefit specific groups of disabled (like disabled veterans or specific disease foundation campus’). We will continue ‘Alive At 5’ and of course our writing on this blog.

The health institutions of the United States of America are ramrodding the acceptance of the delivery of death and disability to the entire population of the U.S.A. Don’t believe that the ‘vaccines’ are dangerous? We also reported today the story ‘20,595 DEAD 1.9 Million Injured (50% SERIOUS) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots’. As of July 17, 2021 as reported by the Gateway Pundit in the US there were 11,140 death and over 400,000 injuries directly attributed to the Covid-19 vaccines as reported to the VAERS system. Attorney Thomas Renz is filing a federal lawsuit on behalf of a CDC whistleblower who claims that there are at least 45,000 Covid-19 vaccine related deaths. The PCR test has been revoked by the CDC-how many of the previously cases diagnosed using the PCR test as the basis are in fact, fraud?

So even with all of the deaths and disability that we now know about, the federal and state agencies that put out the guidelines that the institutions like the one that I delivered music service at for 15 years are now -more- adamant about ‘vaccine’ compliance. Only the love of evil and the love of money can be responsible for this (WOW: Moderna Calls for 3rd Shot of Vaccine to Protect Against New Strains — On Same Day Company Posts $4 Billion 2nd Quarter Profit on Vaccine). By the way it is largely the -vaccinated- who are spreading the disease, not the unvaccinated, especially those who now have natural immunity because they had Covid.

I have said all this to say this: We need your help. In order for EA to continue to be a viable entity as a tax-exempt non-profit we must bring in funds from the public. If you are amenable to financially helping us continue on to stand against the willful imposition of death, injury and health tyranny and for us to serve the most vulnerable among us, (the disabled /special needs/MR) then please consider a gift to EA to help us to survive, adapt and grow in doing our work. Please give by PayPal ( ) or by sending a financial gift to our address (Encouraging Angels, PO Box 181, Ellwood City, PA. 16117). To confirm, our Donate – Contact Us page is here. Encouraging Angels is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Please consult your tax professional on any matters concerning how a gift to EA may affect your tax situation.

I am only one person and Encouraging Angels is only a tiny organization. God used a young shepherd boy (David) to strike down who was most likely the largest, most acrimonious warrior in the world at that time (Goliath). “No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that’s in the right and keeps on a-comin'” was the motto of Texas Ranger Bill McDonald. We stood up. We are in the right. We plan to ‘keeps on a-comin’. Please consider a gift of any size to Encouraging Angels as outlined above. Thank you.


Stan Szymanski (or Encouraging Angels) is not a medical doctor. This is not medical advice. In all matters pertaining to the health and care of a human being consult a medical doctor. This is not legal, financial or personal advice. Consult appropriate professionals in those fields for that type of advice.