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In The New York Post article dated Oct. 21, 2021 titled ‘Fauci’s agency admits it funded gain-of-function work in Wuhan: What else are they keeping from us?’ the piece confirms that U.S. tax dollars paid for ‘gain of function’ research (making a virus more effective against humans) and of course, that it came out of a lab in Wuhan. Here is the first example of the Chinese being involved in using America’s resources against itself.

In the article, …‘China Communist Party Adviser: U.S. is Beaten By Our Biowarfare’…(at Daily Street News via The Hal Turner Radio Show)’…a ‘Senior Adviser to the China Communist Party is on video admitting China has defeated the United States with Biowarfare.’…so as per the admission in the accompanying video the world has been the victim of a China bio-weapons attack. So now we understand that Covid-19 is a Chinese bio-weapon as admitted by the Chinese themselves and that they used U.S. tax dollars to develop this bio-weapon. Are you starting to get the picture yet?

Now, the East is striking the West with financial weapons of mass destruction.

Look at Evergrande, the second largest Chinese Real Estate Developer. Evergrande and the CCP are making sure that Evergrande fulfills its obligations to Chinese citizens on the mainland by building them the properties that they paid for while at the same time Evergrande owes $204.8 million on an 8.75% note and $50.4 million on a 7.5% dollar bond that were due yesterday and have apparently have not been paid. In the West, a company acting as Evergrande is acting would have been put into receivership, had its assets liquidated and the bondholders would receive as much recompense from the sale of the company’s assets until they were made whole. In this case, since the assets (real estate) are in China and the company is actually headquartered in the Cayman Islands, who is actually going to make the Chinese do anything ethical if they don’t want to? In essence, Evergrande, the CCP and China itself are raising their middle fingers and saying ‘Who’s going to make me pay the interest and principle due on our offshore bonds?’ In fact, there are numerous other Chinese firms who raised money in the West then basically went out of business and the Western investors wound up with Bupkus. These names include but are not limited to: Yango Group, Kaisa Group, KE Holdings and Luckin Coffee. They all raised money in the West and then either were allegedly found to have committed fraud in the their red herrings (offering circular) regarding, sales, commissions earned and more or they just outright said we won’t pay.

This defrauding of the West is not happenstance. The West is a  sheep to be fleeced/victimized by a very bad wolf. The people in the West are victims of disinformation; disinformation and brainwashing to the point of the people asking if the can have the kill shot. The six o’clock news is nothing but propaganda to profit Big Pharma and a step in winning the war for China. And then when the victims of this propaganda die or become severely disabled because of the kill shot they blame it on a ‘pre-existing’ condition.

When Evergrande and the other Chinese developers eventually collapse as they must because of all their chicanery, all of the West’s involvement in counter-party risk through the use of derivatives will come to full light. Just how big will this debacle be? How many Chinese developers have issued commercial paper that made its way into the portfolio of Tether, the ‘stable coin’ cryptocurrency? Is the commercial paper market in China even liquid? How many private insurance contracts are written on failed real estate developers who don’t have the ability to make good on a contract? I don’t know but my belief is that the unwinding of all of the above will culminate in the financial collapse that is the impetus for ‘the great reset’.

This is war my friends. Not a war like WW2. Not a war that has any rules. Twenty years ago Chinese Defense Minister Gen. Chi Haotian outlined the Chinese plan to take over the United States since China can’t feed its people and it needs better and more land for agriculture. …’Only countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia have the vast land to serve our need for mass colonization.” He went on to say…’Only by using non-destructive weapons that can kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves.’…As J.R. Nyquist recounts in The Epoch Times article…’The answer is found in biological weapons.’…

So our enemies have been working on a way to destroy America for at least twenty years. I documented in my article ‘Dr. David Martin, CEO M•CAM Illuminates What Big Pharma Knew, When They Knew It and the case for RICO’ that the U.S. Patent records Faucci and the 3 letter agencies claiming ownership of the virus, spike protein and more going back to 1999.

So now that it has been made plain that the East is at war with you what are you going to do? Are you going to get another booster shot? Are you going to keep all your money in your 401(k) because the guy you see once a year tells you to (this is not financial advice)? Will you still refuse to recognize your cognitive dissonance as you watch the news as they try to convince you that you are a really bad person because you don’t -really- want another jab (this is not medical advice)? Will you jab your 5 year old child even though the VAERS data reports over 20,000 deaths and almost a million adverse events (again, this is not medical advice-consult your doctor) due directly to the ‘vaccine’?

They are at war with you. When will you finally stand up and be counted?

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