We just finished Partisan Life Saver yesterday and I wanted to throw up some pictures from the final exercise. It was an amazing class (they always are amazing) and the food was absolutely phenomenal. Scout smoked some absolutely awesome brisket and Johnny Paratrooper brought a few different beers that were all superb. Check out Patriotman’s review of this course.

Hasty tourniquet application during Care Under Fire


Dragging the casualty off of the “X”


Exposing the casualty to asses for bleeding.


Applying a chest seal to a sucking chest wound. Note the NPA that has been placed in the casualty to secure the airway.


Getting the litter prepped for the casualty. Note the space blanket to protect the casualty from hypothermia. It can happen even when it’s the middle of summer. Be proactive with your hypothermia treatment.


After you’ve removed the LBE off of the casualty keep it near them. You will need to keep getting into the IFAK.


Converting the hasty tourniquet from care under fire with a deliberate tourniquet to limit the amount of limb that has blood flow blocked.


Beginning to prep the litter for transport.


Securing the casualty in the litter. You don’t want them falling out while you’re dragging them.


Fully strapped in casualty. Only the face should be visible.


Rapid transport is the best treatment we can offer our casualties. We need to get them to the next higher level of care. Reduced transport times have a direct correlation to survival rates.


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The world is becoming more of an uncertain place, make sure you have the skills necessary to handle the unexpected. We can not rely on anyone else to be our first responders.

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