As the war drums once again beat across Europe and the Pacific and the noose of tyranny is being further tightened by the Leftists, it has created a perception that we all need to be manic prepping. More long term stored foods, more guns, more ammo, more gadgets, more, more, more. All these things are important, but it is the building of community and acquiring relevant training that is going to get you and your family through the hard times that are just around the corner.

It is too convenient for the survival community to lecture you on why you need to leave the cities and suburbia. For many this is not possible due to work requirements, family obligations or even financial reasons. You will have to survive in place and the only way to do this is to build a mutually supported group of like-minded individuals. All the gadgets in the world will not replace the bonds of friendships built through mutual preparations and shared experience. Survival novels glorify the lone survivalist or small group who are holed up in a retreat property fighting off the hordes trying to take their food. This is a quick way to find yourself dead.

As we were building our mutual assistance group (MAG), we took the time to put brain power to what it is we were preparing for and our purpose. Using Charley Hogwood’s book, The Survival Group Handbook, as a guide we carefully worked through the hard questions and added structure. In a disaster, invasion, or even communist revolution we decided our group was to be force enablers for our greater communities by working to acquire the expertise to be able to step in and help others. This is no small feat, but if our entire town/city falls apart then we are not going to last very long.

I would dare to say that a large portion of this readership is well past their prime infantry days and moving to contact is beyond your capabilities. This means you need to train to avoid those scenarios or if you find yourself in a combat situation you know how to disengage and move away. You are better served learning skills that will be needed if a collapse does happen. Our MAG is starting the process of inventorying existing skillsets and highlighting what would be most beneficial for our community. The task is daunting but, in the end, if nothing ever happens then we are still all the better for it.

Personally, I have built a 5-month training evolution that includes Partisan Life Saver, Scout Course, RTO/RTO Advanced/SIGINT and Dave Canterbury’s Basic Survival Class. Additionally, I enrolled into an undergraduate degree program in Intelligence Operations to also fill a much-needed hole. In our group we have an electrician, firearms instructor, car mechanic/machinist, construction contractor, IT guy, Paramedic and much more. The goal now is to expand those capabilities through CERT, blacksmithing, bee keeping, small scale farming, solar generation, etc… This will all take time, but they are skills needed to rebuild.

I challenge all of you to take a tactical pause and put pen to paper to establish short- and long-term goals. A physical and mental inventory will help to build focus and may ease that sense of panic. Get into your communities and build rapport, this is what are adversaries are doing and we have some catching up to do.