Jesse James

The Millennial your professor warned you about.

Incontrovertibly opposed to neoliberalism and post-modernism, including their roots, on a theological, philosophical, economic and political basis. His curriculum vitae spans chemistry, biology, law, and western jurisprudence, culminating in a Juris Doctorate. Recovering libertarian and former ivory tower resident. A reluctant monarchist because he read too much history, and watched CSPAN one too many times. Christian in the vein of Augustine and the Five Solas, advocate for patriarchy, western and Christian tradition, and the nuclear family. Avid hunter, fisherman and outdoorsman. Lover of old bourbon and old books. Happily married to his favorite redhead. Jesse lives in Virginia but will always be a Texan.

The Nature of Now

The Romans had a concept, hostis humani generis, the literal translation being enemy of the human race, or common enemy of all. Cicero spoke of pirates being such in De Officiis, Book III, Ch. XXIX. It’s tied in closely with homo sacer, the legal status of being a...

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Genius or Folly?

Freedom. It rolls of the tongue like an incantation we whisper, or shout, to ward off the evil spirits of Marx. Not that any of us know what Marx wrote, or understand the relationship between the kissing cousins of communism, capitalism and democracy. No, we need not...

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Rebels, Insurrectionists and Revolutionaries

It has become fashionable on the right to either accept the label of rebels, or some derivation of the word and concept. While the concept may accurately describe those in the libertarian or anarchist camp, the right is not and will never be such a thing. Rebellion is...

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The Insanity of Universal Suffrage

The concept of universal suffrage has continued its expansion from the point where reasonable minds may differ, to levels of insanity that should make even the most fervent advocate of democracy give pause. The latest from the left is that 'Disability is No Reason to...

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A Quick and Dirty Guide to Formal Logic: Part I of IV

I and a few others thought it a profitable use of my time to develop a series devoted to helping those who have never been introduced to formal logic. We concern ourselves much with politics and abstract political ideas on the right, yet few have taken the time to sufficiently study the framework within which me attempt to make these arguments. By no means is this an exhaustive study of the subject, but it may help you frame and organize your thoughts and arguments in a more sound manner, as well as helping in the deconstruction of positions, particularly any works on philosophy, law, political theory, metaphysics and theology.

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When Superstructures Fracture

How quickly all things disappear. -Marcus Aurelius 'Meditations'   Marx, Engels, and de Tocqueville all advanced the idea of civil society being a dichotomy. The base was seen as the means of production such as economic capital, raw materials, machines and other...

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