Atheism is a natural and inseparable part of Marxism, of the theory and practice of scientific socialism.

– Vladimir Lenin

Religious, as indeed any other, ideas being born out of the soil of the material conditions of life and above all the soil of class contradictions, only gradually clear themselves away and then live on by the force of conservatism longer than the needs that gave birth to them and disappear completely only after the effects of serious social shocks and crises.

– Leon Trotsky

 If I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous revolution that swallowed up some 60 million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.

– Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


One of the more low-brow treatises I’ve read on philosophy was Phillip Bloom’s A Wicked Company, the equivalent of a survey level course on Enlightenment philosophers. One thing the book does well, is illustrate the personal lives of many ‘great philosophers’ post-Renaissance that are required reading to grasp the roots of today’s zeitgeist. Between bizarre and antisocial sexual proclivities and simply the humanistic approach of ‘eat, drink and desecrate everything,’ one gets a glimpse of the secondary and tertiary effects this belief system creates. Rousseau and the Jacobins attempted to codify this god-less worldview with the expected results. Fast-forward a hundred years and a more coherent political system was born, as the seeds sown during the Enlightenment had begun to bear fruit in European society.

I believe we are seeing a similar trend in the US, particularly among the millennials. I do not bear atheists ill will, in fact I work with more than a few and have generally good relationships with them. Despite that, the honest ones will acknowledge the same, and the very few truly honest ones will admit their answers to most practical questions either come from the dominant culture or religious praxis. The political extension of atheism en masse is a communist nightmare. As atheism expands, it brings with it disturbing and incompatible political and social solutions…just ask the French and Russians.

One of the reasons Jacobins and their intellectual heirs, Marxists, are so antagonistic toward the existence of any higher power, is the implied existence of a higher authority. Particularly in Europe’s case, the Catholic and Protestant churches were implicit that the end, most definitely did not justify the means. If the ultimate good means Holdomore or 90 million odd ‘enemies of the state’ need to be liquidated, then so be it. Within an atheistic moral framework, that is the most ethical thing they could have done. A few must die for the benefit of the many.

One can see this in action on a modern scale with the one child policy in China, and the CRISPR experiments being done on children. Marxism relies on the permission granted by an absence of a higher power to shift the proletariat from unskilled workers and overeducated indigents into people capable of murdering 17,000 of their fellow countrymen by guillotine. If we are genetic cousins with livestock, then it is their duty to butcher those who stand in the way of progress just as much as it is that which stands in the way of a sated appetite.

Similarly, for Communism to work, a tabula rasa must exist among people before they can become acolytes. Devoutly religious people do not become Communists. One of the reasons you see no appreciable Communism in Islamic countries is because there is an incompatible worldview, a major component of which is religious. Contrary to the belief that atheism is a lack of belief in a higher power, in actuality it elevates man to the highest power. That worship of man, the worship of self, requires structure and rites.

It is precisely this reason that the humanist left and it’s varying degrees of communism make much more sense when viewed through the lens of a religion rather than political movements. Rather than baptism or marriage, there is a devotion to abortion and sodomy. Rather than a Pope or an Ecumenical Patriarch, there exists Marx, Clinton, Bezos and Soros. This deification of man politically and socially cannot happen until the field is swept clean of competing beliefs. The Communist Party of China is not atheist by accident. Stalin did not purge Christians by chance. Marx and Engels both recognized that the purging of any and all religion must happen to allow for their replacement of it by atheistic materialism and its natural political state of communism. Just ask Lenin:

A Marxist must be a materialist, i. e., an enemy of religion, but a dialectical materialist, i. e., one who treats the struggle against religion not in an abstract way, not on the basis of remote, purely theoretical, never varying preaching, but in a concrete way, on the basis of the class struggle which is going on in practice and is educating the masses more and better than anything else could.’

The practical application of this is in regards to the people and relationships you cultivate, as well as who you take counsel from. An atheist is not a conservative. The term has been watered down to mean little more than a political ideology, but the roots of conservatism are not political. I will not participate in the Grand Lie and debase myself by calling something that which it is not. At our core, conservatives acknowledge there is a Higher Power that we are accountable and absolute truth exists. Not nonsense about natural law, not some Theory of Everything that man can discover, but actual, literal precepts for life from the Divine. The abandonment by the liberals masquerading as the right today is precisely why no one on the political stage and exceedingly few in the patriot movement can even articulate a sane vision for the future.

Are there atheists that have political overlap with me? Possibly. Yet that is as far as the relationship can go: a surface level. On a deeper level, I simply cannot bring myself to truly trust the judgment of a person with the level of narcissism required to place themselves in the position of the divine…and neither should you.