On Thursday October 31, Halloween, a few hours after Nancy Pelosi’s sham House impeachment inquiry vote, I was able to interview retired CIA Chief of Station Bradley Johnson for the Alex Jones Show on Infowars. Here are some transcribed Johnson quotes of special importance, but I think the entire 20 minute interview should be watched.

On John Brennan’s continuing influence at the CIA:

“I was going to say, I heard you talking about John Brennan still having influence in the CIA, and I’ve got to reiterate that, and there is no question whatsoever about it, I can say as absolute fact that he’s got tremendous pull still in the CIA. Let’s not forget that the current director of the CIA, Gina Haspel, was a close associate of John Brennan. John Brennan’s clearance is still intact, that has not been pulled, that’s an oversight that should be taken care of, so he’s got access to them basically whenever he wants. And the three top lieutenants that are within the CIA operations end of things, running it, not like the HR or personnel sorts of people, those three individuals were also closely working for and associated with John Brennan. So the number one, number two, number three and number four people at the CIA right now, are close friends and associates that have worked closely in the past with John Brennan. So to suggest even for a moment that he isn’t pulling strings whenever he desires to in the CIA is just poorly informed. He absolutely is connected.”

Do you think the top floors of CIA still have a “protect the Deep State” agenda?

“All of the agencies are that way, the FBI, the CIA, NSA, the State Department, they are all that way. The pipeline to leadership in all of the federal agencies that are in the intelligence community have been controlled by the left for a long time. The only people who make their way up through that pipeline and get into positions of leadership are the “resist” Deep State types of people. So they’re all that way, there’s no exceptions to that. It’s not what talking heads say, ‘Oh, there’s good people there, purely professional there…’ That used to be that way, but that’s no longer that way. That was all consolidated under Obama, and that’s the way it stays, and unfortunately Trump hasn’t had the chance to fix that yet.”

On reforming the CIA and the other Intel agencies that have been co-opted by globalists and leftists:

“It’s a tough problem, and I would say that anyone I’ve talked to that are retired ‘agency’ and people like that, that I know, we’ve all concluded that essentially it cannot be fixed with what’s there, and I think that’s the bottom line.”

Speaking about the bloated numbers of personnel at the Intel agencies, and how a RIF [Reduction In Force] might improve the situation, or instead, might be used by the dominant leftists to target the remaining conservatives for firing:

“I would say there’s no patriots left, certainly not at the leadership level. At the working level, yes, but those people essentially, you have to keep your head down and your mouth shut, because if it comes out that you’re a conservative, you’re destroyed, your career is over. It’s not that you necessarily get fired on the spot, but you’re never going to get a good job, and the only way to get promoted and move up is to have a good job that tics off all those things that are required to go to the next level, and that’s how they control the pipeline. There’s a lot of laws controlling the promotion process, but there’s no laws controlling how jobs are handed out, and that’s the way that the liberals have taken it over inside all of these federal agencies. Many years ago at [the] State Department, and in recent decades at the rest of the agencies. So a RIF, especially at the higher levels, there’s no conservatives to target, so it would only be to the good. It would be a net win to do a RIF of any sort at any of these agencies.”

Please see the rest of my interview of Brad Johnson at:


Or on Brad Johnson’s YouTube channel here. Please consider subscribing to his YT channel.


Brad Johnson is the founder and president of Americans for Intelligence Reform
–To depoliticize and de-weaponize our intelligence agencies. Our intelligence agencies need to be
retooled so as to serve the national security of the United States, instead of certain domestic and/or
foreign political agendas as we have recently seen.
–To restore the ability of our intelligence workers to identify who our enemies are by eliminating
political correctness and other ideologies from intelligence analysis.
–To improve educational standards within each intelligence agency so that intelligence workers
assigned to work a particular country, or region of the world, actually know something about that
country or region—including its history, religion(s), and politics.
–Require of all political appointees to upper level positions in our intelligence agencies to attend a series
of briefings and/or classes given by subject matter experts on each major area of the world—before
they are allowed to take up their positions. This will give these individuals the tools they need to more
properly brief the president and/or members of Congress about national security issues when called
upon to do so.
–Restore the practice of espionage to the CIA so that adequate humint can be provided to the analysts
back at Headquarters. The Obama era policy of eliminating our humint capabilities while forcing the
U.S. to depend entirely on allies or “partners” for humint leaves U.S. analysts hostage to the “good will”
of those allies and/or “partners.” Humint, sigint, and osint are the three pillars supporting the
intelligence structure. Remove anyone of those pillars and the entire edifice comes tumbling down,
along with our ability to perform proper analysis of events and issues.
–Following the above five steps will vastly improve the ability of our intel analysts in all of our
intelligence agencies to do their jobs, and ensure that the super grades at the top are getting valid,
correct information. It will thus prevent their being surprised by events such as 9/11, the rise of ISIS,
Orlando, San Bernadino, Ft. Hood and many others, as we have seen recently.
–Finally, establish a fund so that the immediate families of intelligence officers killed in the line of duty,
whether overseas, or here in the United States, be given the same level of benefits as given to the
families of military personnel killed serving their country.


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