As usual, this morning I watched the most recent YouTube video by Dr. John Campbell (Covid-19 Thursday morning 27 Feb).

Since UK-based Dr. Campbell has gained global exposure with his daily Covid-19 updates, he’s been receiving emails from physicians and others from all over the world, including Iran and China. For today’s video, he typed up an email that he received from the city of Chengdu, the capital of the Chinese province of Sechuan. This city of 16 million is located in south central China about 1,000 Km west of Wuhan, and 1,800 Km southwest of Beijing.

The letter relates the city’s mandatory quarantine rules as China struggles to bring Covid-19 under control. When the virus runs rampant and hospitals are overrun, as in Wuhan in Hubei Province, the Case Fatality Rate soars to over 15%, according to many accounts.

Under the current quarantine rules strictly enforced in Chengdu and other cities, the CFR can be kept to below 2%, but only at the cost of crippling the economy.

Now, just imagine trying to enforce this level of quarantine in American cities. God help us as Covid-19 spreads.


Chinese City Covid-19 Quarantine Rules

1. Chengdu (Sichuan) 16.33 million people has been locked down for about a month after  three weeks of travel restrictions.

  1. Apartment complex has issued small cards, with a code that is scanned each and every time we leave and enter.
  2. No one without this card is permitted entrance into the complex.
  3. Masks are absolutely required and goggles and gloves are strongly encouraged.
  4. Until quite recently, restricted in leaving the complex to 3 times per week, and then only to buy groceries at one of two local stores.
  5. Travel beyond these two supermarkets is greatly discouraged and most other items you are told to have delivered to the front gate of the complex.
  6. If you are a delivery driver you work singly on a motorbike and are allowed access to the roads and given a special pass. These drivers are required to wear helmets with a face shield, masks, and gloves.
  7. At present the only open stores are grocery and convenience stores and these have restricted hours, and reduced staff.
  8. All other shops are closed.
  9. Closed movie theaters, coffee shops, sit down restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, bars and nightclubs, etc.
  10. All weddings or other ceremonies associated with large groups have been cancelled.
  11. (There are economic) effects but most are complying.
  12. People in my complex have been confirmed to have the virus. When this happens you are given the option to go to a quarantine center OR they will put a paper tape over your door and you can stay in your apartment for a period of time.
  13. The tape is checked daily and if it is torn you will be taken to quarantine for violating your agreement.
  14. This is what you are seeing on Youtube with people being forcibly taken – it is because they have violated quarantine.
  15. Probably a warning first.
  16. Food and essentials are then brought to you daily and delivered by special staff through an apartment outside window.
  17. Work and education conducted remotely (internet).
  18. Masks are in tight supply and can be quite expensive although cheap masks are certainly for sale from unscrupulous individuals.
  19. Streets are empty – this is unprecedented.

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