I enjoyed reading John Hurth’s article titled Moving Forward yesterday. Upfront, I consider it to be spot on. Which got me thinking about The Auxiliary again in the concept of Fourth-generation warfare (4GW) and Fifth-generation warfare (5GW).


As I wrote in an earlier article titled, 2021-Americas Future, it really doesn’t matter who wins the Presidential election, the shit storm is coming. It will get here a little faster if Trump wins then Biden, but it is coming. Whatever happens in the courts is immaterial at this point. Personally, I would rather the festivities come sooner than later hence I would like Trump and his team to expose the traitors within the system but whatever. What you and I have control over is our own AO today. Use the time wisely.


We all need to understand that we are in the beginning of the winter of the ‘fourth turning’. Patriotman, did an excellent article on this titled THE FOURTH TURNING & THE FUTURE, AS I SEE IT back in January 2019. Well worth your time to reread or read for the first time.

The Auxiliary

With 4GW being a blurring of the lines between war and politics and 5GW as outlined by NC Scout in his article titled, The Ongoing 5th Generation of War,

a vortex of violence, a free-for-all of surprise destruction motivated more by frustration than by any coherent plans for the future. 5GW is what happens when the world’s disaffected direct their desperation at the most obvious symbol of everything they lack.”

Bottom-line, warfare that we have become use to, firefights between team A and team B, will not be replaced but certainly reduced in lieu of mob violence against the machine and people on the opposite sides of the drama de jour of the day. Where do you fit in?

I wrote about this back in December 2019 with an article called The AuxiliaryIf you are not of the age to be running up hills with 40-pounds of gear The Auxiliary is where you fit in. Think of being the support for the folks who will be taking on the ‘trigger pulling’ role. Some areas are – Intelligence gathering, communications, food & shelter, and others. As an example, many IRA sympathizers left their back doors unlocked for fleeing IRA soldiers to hide after a military operation. Would you leave your back door unlocked? Report on enemy movements? Help with communications?

Are you ready to join The Auxiliary ranks?

Freedom Through Self-Reliance

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