This is the continuing coverage of the unfolding SHTF situation in Ecuador being reported by an American Partisan reader and expat living in the nation. It is going from bad to much worse, with reports of violence among the large scale demonstrations. It won’t be long now.

Previously I had been helping him remotely to build up the local Red Cross chapter off-grid communications, which was left in shambles from neglect and no serious attitude towards them amid more convenient methods. And now here they are, with periodic outages just in the beginning phases of what looks like a long term bad situation playing out.

What about you? Got training?

Expat ‘Fred’ has collected a series of news articles covering the incidents in real time. At this time it appears the real players have unfolded- Maduro (and Russia, and China) are seeking to destabilize the entire region, piece by piece. Still wondering where those 50K AK-103s being built per year in Caracas are headed? And where will they go after that? I’ll give you a hint- I suspect they’ll be coming north. 


Here’s his updates:

Happening now-

Petroleum industry reporting that the national pipeline to the refinery in  Esmeradas is operating at 30% of capacity due to various wells being offline, because of occupation of facilities by protesters.

President Lenin Moreno just announced that he will be returning to Quito to deal with the protesters there. No word on when he will be leaving Guayaquil.


10/09/2019 – 16:54

The Red Cross suspended its attention in protests in Ecuador for lack of security guarantees

They also warned that the national Hemocentro will only attend emergencies because it has no blood supply.

In the midst of the violent protests that have surrounded Ecuador , the Red Cross announced that it suspends its attention in the middle of the demonstrations for not being able to guarantee the safety of the volunteers.

From the organization they also denounced “aggressions” to headquarters and ambulances within the framework of the protests that have been going on for a week.


“We have decided to suspend the attention we take as usual given the lack of guarantees (towards the volunteers) that exist and the continued aggressions we have been subjected to,” announced the president of the Ecuadorian Red Cross, Victoria Albán. “For us, our volunteers and humanitarian personnel, it is seen to some extent in imminent danger,” Albán added.


Red Cross. No blood supply.   No emergency services anywhere.  Really important for people here to realize this.

More  to follow

Breaking—Evidence of attempts by  CNT, the national run telco to attempt control of the narrative or congestion???

Evidence of social media disruptions in Ecuador as crisis deepens

Posted on

Network data from the NetBlocks internet observatory show that social media backend image and CDN servers were temporarily disrupted in Ecuador with state-run operator Corporación Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (CNT) on Monday, 7 October 2019 amid a spiralling political crisis and widespread protests.

The restrictions were confirmed 11 p.m. Sunday, local time (4 a.m. Monday, 7 October 2019 UTC) as photos began to emerge on social media of military deployments on the streets of Quito and the death of a protestor. Data show connectivity to affected platforms was restored by 1 p.m. Monday local time.

Which online services were impacted, and when?

Backend image and CDN servers for Facebook and WhatsApp became unreachable for CNT subscribers late Sunday night (11 p.m. Ecuador time).

Network measurements corroborate reports from many Internet users in Ecuador reported difficultly posting audio, photos and videos online around the time in question, having to resort to VPN services to restore access:

Lo vi en un meme y pensé q era eso, un meme, pero resulta q es imposible enviar o recibir audios y fotos vía whatsapp, o chequear Facebook desde el internet de @CNT_EC. El meme decía q por orden «de arriba» limitaron el uso de datos y páginas para q no se difunda el #ParoNacional

— Alicia Ruiz Raimundo (@alissita) October 7, 2019

No puedo mandar audios y descargarlos, tampoco mandar fotos y descargar fotos, subir videos e igual no puedo acceder a whatsapp web y Facebook desde la computadora, tuve que descargarme un vpn en el cell y la compu para que funcione normal

— Slashi (@Jo_ceMv) October 7, 2019

Performance issues began to affect connectivity more generally on the same provider in the following hours, while the backend server disruptions continued.


Statement from FARC in Colombia supporting protesters

FARC support protests and unemployment in Ecuador

October 9, 2019 – 10:15 a.m.

Through a statement, the Revolutionary Alternative Force of the Common Party (FARC) expressed its support for the demonstrations registered in the country.

“We stand in solidarity with the massive popular mobilizations, which are lived in the brother country of Ecuador, in rejection of the neoliberal package that the International Monetary Fund wants to impose on that people, through its president Lenin Moreno,” says part of the statement.

In addition they indicated that with the form to govern of Moreno caused that the town rises.


Solidarity with Ecuadorians —-, who know that a people determined to shake off the yoke of the oppressors, clarified
politically and organized, it is able to conquer the transformations necessary to achieve independence, the
self-determination and peace

– FARC (@PartidoFARC) October 8, 2019

“In the homeland of Manuelita, hope is reborn, in the hands of the popular struggle; it runs through its veins, the blood of the Liberator of the Liberator,” concludes the statement signed by the National Political Council of the party.

The FARC went from being the largest Colombian guerrilla to a political party as part of the 2016 Peace Agreement. Although most of its members comply with the pact, some factions have returned to the armed struggle in recent months. (I)

More to follow

From Sources in Quito- indications are that the protests are going to
continue into the overnight hours. Will be interesting to see how the
curfew is enforced. This also for Guayaquil and possibly other cities
and towns here…..

From Cotacachi- a small group of 10-15 rowdy protesters are in the
street here, apparently drunk. They are walking in a group and shouting.

More to follow

Reportedly 10,000 protesters took over the government building and town of  Cañar in southern Eucador earlier today: This in protest of the Lenin Moreno government’s acceptance of austerity measures  as part of the IMF austerity requirements.

Ecuadorian Vice President Otto  Sonnenholzner is reporting this evening that between 700 and 800 of the people currently detained from the nationwide protests are extranjeros- not from Ecuador.

Preventative detention—wonder if these people are taking cues from the Chinese. This from Diario del Norte


Quito A judge on Wednesday ordered the preventive detention against an assemblyman, similar to former governor Rafael Correa, for his alleged participation in the crime of stopping a public service during social protests against the government over the rising cost of fuels.

In a statement, the State Attorney General’s Office reported that its head, Diana Salazar, filed charges “against Assemblyman Yofre P., the prefect of Sucumbíos, Amado Ch., And seven others.”

The national judge David Jacho, at the end of the hearing, issued preventive detention for all defendants, in addition to the retention of bank accounts and prohibition of alienating property.

These people were arrested last Monday when they allegedly violently entered the facilities of the public company Petroecuador, in the province of Sucumbíos, bordering with Colombia.

“The defendants would have entered the operations control room destroying the doors of the building and with the imminent threat to attempt against the integrity of the pumping equipment of the Trans-Ecuadorian Pipeline System (SOTE), as well as the Petroecuador operators ”, Says the letter.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the SOTE would have stopped for two hours and nineteen minutes. This implies the stoppage of a public service in the strategic area, as determined by the Constitution of Ecuador, “causing economic damage to the State of $ 1,723,918.72.”

Among the elements of conviction presented is a report that indicates that during the stoppage 31,286 barrels of crude oil were not pumped.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the trial hearing will be on October 18.


More to follow

Breaking—From Diario  Contraste

Vice President of Ecuador: “Detainees confessed that they received payments between $ 40 and $ 50 for attending protests” (Video)

9 October, 2019 · By Arianna Romero

The Vice President of Ecuador Otto Sonnenholzner, offered statements due to the diverse and crowded demonstrations that have been registered in the country, stressed that there are “foreign infiltrators” generating chaos.

“We have already arrested foreign citizens who would receive payments of between 40 and 50 dollars, they lend themselves to generate chaos in a territory of peace, which has been hospitable to hundreds of thousands of foreigners.”

He stressed that “foreigner who does not comply with the laws of the country and who offends Ecuadorians will not be able to continue in Ecuador, we will sanction him with the full weight of the law and we will do everything in our power to initiate deportations of those who have this kind of behavior … this is not tolerable gentlemen. ”

Vice President of #Ecuador@ottosonnenh reported that foreigners detained at the demonstrations have confessed that they are paid between $ 40 and $ 50 for attending the protests.

The official announced that they will move forward with deportations. #

– Gabriel Bastidas (@Gbastidas) October 9, 2019

More to follow


National Police mounted and on foot have dispersed protesters in Quito with tear gas…..national police only ones on the street  in Centro Historico at this hour,  along with barricades and concertina wire. Footage from earlier shows protesters using Molitoff Cocktails against  the police…….

This from Diario Uno

They did not win the elections, the people did not call them, but the technicians of the International Monetary Fund order Ecuador today in full alliance with the government of the businessmen. A few days before the package of economic and labor measures announced by President Lenin Moreno, the commercial press announced that the IMF would not give the new disbursement of the contracted credit if the reforms were not made from the government.

And, once the decision was made, the IMF went out to give its “support” to the government decision, as if the blessing of the multilateral agency sanctified it.

But the measures have the character of neoliberal prescriptions: weaken the state and strengthen large companies; force the poor to pay for the crisis that caused the powerful and benefited them; starve an entire town to guarantee the payment of the external debt.

This is masked in speeches to transparent finances, to “put the house in order” and, of course, to sacrifice “all” to achieve better days. Neoliberal governments at the time of taking measures of this type say that you have to tighten your belts for a while, but that paradise is around. This, pretends that the belts should not be tightened, that the increase in the price of gasoline and the transport of food and people, will not affect the population.

That the measures are directly related to impositions placed on the country in exchange for external debt is one of the causes of its illegitimacy. The conditionalities that come with the disbursements, which place obligations on the State that qualifies as sovereign, the records of progress in which information that is kept hidden from the people is delivered to the IMF, destroys any sense of democracy.

Add the expressions of Lenin Moreno at the UN, calling the intervention against the people of Venezuela, the delivery of an air base in Galapagos for use by US intelligence ships (which the government denies is a base, as if the imperialism would not have broadened its definition of them), the departures from Ecuador from Unasur and OPEC, South-South integration centers, and there will be a complete picture of a government submissive to foreign interests, which traces the independence of Ecuador.

Its alliance with the great bourgeoisie is natural because this small sector of Ecuadorian society is integrated, in constant and permanent relations, with transnationals and foreign interests.

The package of measures imposed will supposedly bring work. This was the offer of the Government Alliance Country plan, which has been fulfilled backwards. According to the Minister of Labor, Andrés Madero, in an appearance at the National Assembly, he said that only from December 2018 until February 2019, 11,820 public sector workers had been laid off. Now 10 thousand more layoffs are announced.

From the private sector the reduction of workers has also been a constant, in a serious way in the construction sector that is one of the most hired workers, but whose situation has nothing to do with economic measures.

In Ecuador there is a general economic contraction, the GDP grows by one point or less, the consumption of families has decreased, economic management leads many to look for essential products in Colombia (that is why the recent stoppage of the pauperized border province of Carchi), so that there is no condition of growth of companies for internal consumption. In fact, there is talk of thousands focused on services and commerce that have broken, increasing unemployment.

More to follow


From Quito

The protesters camp in Quito is at the Casa de la Cultura near El Ejido park. Conaie indigenous, various worker’s organizations and Bolivarian groups are there. This morning the group detained 8 police, whether National Police or city police unknown at this time. The detention partly in retaliation reported between 5 and 8 protester deaths. Lots we dont know at this point in a very fluid situation.

More to follow.

Part of the statement made by Conaie  this morning at the Casa de Cultura.

#Ecuador From the House of Culture, the president of the @CONAIE_Ecuador announces that “the protests will be radicalized and that they will not negotiate the blood of their brothers with the murderous government of @Lenin Moreno”.

Indigenous people warned that they will apply ancestral justice to them if Ecuador’s law enforcement attacks that headquarters, amid the crisis over mass protests against the Government

More to follow

From Telesur

Some civil society organisations say that up to 7 people have died in the anti-austerity protests in Ecuador.

Protests against IMF austerity reached their seventh day in Ecuador, as civil society groups denounced the increased police violence, some reporting up to seven dead so far. As of Thursday morning, roadblocks by protesters remain in key areas such as Carapungo, the northern exit out of Quito. Conflicting reports emerged on Wednesday about the number of those killed during police the crackdown on the anti-austerity protests in Ecuador.

Some civil society organizations say up to seven have been killed so far. CONAIE, an indigenous group involved in the protest, say they will publish a report in the coming days giving full figures of those killed and injured. This follows the death of Inocencio Tucumbi, an indigenous leader in Cotopaxi.

Civil society groups are also reporting that over 800 are currently detained, including 13 journalists. Furthermore, at least 500 are reported injured.

There were also attacks on Wednesday night against a humanitarian centre near Salesiana University. The area provided refuge and shelter for Indigenous marchers, which during the night police attacked the area with tear gas. Ecuador’s Interior Minister Maria Paula Romo has since apologized for the attack.

More to follow

Ralley continues in Casa de Culture. Waiting for some idea of what is next. Locally all shop owners are being told to keep their stores closed. The public market was not open this morning. Cotacachi is quiet and tense.

More to follow.

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