One of our readers and American expat, ‘Fred’, is on the ground in Quito, Ecuador and has been chronicling the ongoing troubles amid the austerity measures put in place by the IMF and the resulting conflict between the government and the nation’s indigenous labor population.

Originally Fred had contacted me to get help and advice on getting the off-grid communications equipment squared away at the local Red Cross station. Due to years of neglect in lieu of more convenient systems requiring a high amount of infrastructure, their systems were in shambles. And now what he and a few others were afraid of happening has indeed happened.

What about you? Got training?


Here’s his recent dispatch:

OK operationally…… the internet here is crap. As I filed earlier  there was a new story  today  about  the national telephone company  interfering  with internet traffic to try to control both information that leaves Ecuador for the rest of the world and social media.  I think its possible the resistance is using social media  to coordinate their mobilization and activities both at the sharp edge of the protests and behind that, logistically. Earlier I ran the Sourceforge speedtest. I am guaranteed with my fiber connection, 10 MB down and 10 up on an un shared socket.  I had 3 down and about 9 up, bufferbloat was horrible as was latency. You dont even want to know about domain name resolution…… I sent an e mail to asking them to check what was happening here again. The last story they have on the website was 9 Oct, what I originally reported.  They have not updated that nor have they replied to my e mail so its anybody’s guess at this point.

Another story I filed here from the local domain earlier was about the store openings  tomorrow. I and my Venezuelan ex girlfriend are going to be out of here  around 0light-thirty because everything is open around 6.  So I am going to be involved in resupply for a couple of hours first AM.  I am going to report what I find. I got started  late this morning because I had updates to the Manjaro Stable release, major updates, I updated the guinea pig stable machine first and when it ran normally updated the main machine and the laptop so I got finished about 1 AM this morning. Joys of being both a user and your own IT department no?

Where I think this is going –After the military warning the protesters today (filed  earlier) I think the military is going to start appearing more and more in defense of  key areas. Not being Ecuadorian but my general sense of all of this is that Moreno with support of the globalists in the IMF is going to probably try to crush the movement rather than abide by anything legislative that happens about impeachment. He got Pomp-pus-pompeo’s endorsement today (filed earlier). After watching  several hours of  the live RT coverage while I was watching everything else earlier I can not help but have a lot of respect for these young people on the front lines…..I wish I was there……I think  there may be some sort of law in the Eucadorian constitution  similar to our posse comitatus but I wouldnt give an ice cube in hell’s chance of that being observed.

I wish I had a radio. Had I one with you on the  other end and digital modes, if the internet goes down we would be one voice they could not shut up. Until there was  someone at the door……. unless I oh say moved around a bit…….

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